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We have Got to stop putting frozen peas on our vaginas.” - Suzanne SINATRA

self-care down there

hustle and flow

Suzanne is not afraid to talk about vaginas. Her insights into the wellness industry - and the need for greater products and resources for women - are as insightful as they are surprising. In this discussion, Suzanne speaks openly about her own V traumas and what she calls, “the genital-mental connection,” aka the importance of sexual health to overall happiness and wellbeing.

Suzanne shares how to build the company (and life) of your dreams during and after a health crisis. Hustling hard - and ignoring any symptoms that stopped her flow - left Suzanne shocked by a diagnosis just two weeks before launching her company. She had breast cancer, and it was rapidly progressing. Suzanne shares her transition from CEO to cancer patient and how she coped with illness without giving up on her dreams. Suzanne’s resilience and humor in the face of adversity will inspire you to fearlessly pursue your heart’s work despite your own challenges.

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