Suzanne is not afraid to talk about vaginas.

I’m a Wall Street dropout turned femtech entrepreneur.

And I want you to bond with your vagina! No - seriously. I believe that genital health is key to full-body wellness and happiness. And, I’m working my a** off to prove it.

A few years back, I suffered from a bad bikini wax. You know what I’m talking about. Frustrated by my only self-care option (damn peas from my freezer), I started dreaming up something better. Something natural and soothing that allowed me to honor my V. in all her mood swings: UTIs, sex pain, waxes, traumas, etc.

I built Private Packs - a kit of healing warming and cooling pads designed just for the genitals - as a statement for self-care and a love letter to myself. Then, I received a statement from my doctor.

I had breast cancer. And it was progressive. The news came exactly two weeks before my company’s launch date. Forced to battle for my life, I built my business in between chemo treatments, surgeries and radiation. Self-care was critical. I surpassed my doctor’s expectations, and I found wellness in creating my own holistic rituals. When it came down to it: I had to find natural balance, or I was going to die.

Despite the odds, I won both battles: I survived stage 3 breast cancer and I built the business of my dreams. Today, I speak to audiences small and large about how to find balance between battles: mental, physical, and emotional. Let’s explore life’s chaos and how to survive it together. Until we meet again, be well.

Sincerely, Suzanne

Before Private Packs, I consulted for many top tier organizations such as Deutsche Bank, The Wall Street Journal, LG Electronics and the New York City’s mayor office. Prior to that, I was a Junior Analyst at Credit Suisse. I was honorably discharged from the Royal Canadian Armed Forces as a Flight Sergeant.