Suzanne Speaks

Suzanne Sinatra
From Wall Street to Welfare
to Entrepreneur & Speaker

My vagina deserves more than a food group.
— Suzanne Speaks


Suzanne’s journey to entrepreneurship is nothing typical. After leaving a successful career on Wall Street to design a product for healing vaginas, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. The news came two weeks before her company’s launch date. Months of grueling cancer treatment later, Suzanne and her business are healthier and more alive than ever before.


Suzanne speaks to the importance of wellness - both in entrepreneurship and our sex lives - with power, humor, and honesty. Prepare to laugh, cry, and question your relationship with your vagina.


Below The Belt Self-Care

“We have got to stop putting frozen peas on our vaginas.” - Suzanne SPeAks

Suzanne speaks openly about her own V traumas and what she calls, “the genital-mental connection”.


Hustle And Flow

“As a child of immigrants, I was RAISED to work harder than everyone else, to never ask questions, and to just get it done. NOW, As an entrepreneur and a breast cancer survivor, my life relies on finding a balance.” - Suzanne Speaks

Suzanne shares how to get back on your feet after a health crisis and build the company (and life) of your dreams.